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Empowering Value-adding Action Through Knowledge

Truvle was founded by a team of professionals who saw companies, big and small, solve all the wrong problems, in all the wrong ways. We believe that seemingly complex processes - and their corresponding problems - can be distilled into simple truths, but we didn't see any tools on the market to help facilitate that journey. After years of conscious development, we're proud to release our process mapping tool to help you see clearly inside your business.

process mapping software
flowchart maker

Our Mission

Truvle represents business done consciously, focusing on value-adding activity that is mindful and purposeful. We believe that seemingly complex methods and tools available to manage processes and value creation can be distilled into simple truths and made available for all. Our purpose is to translate and cultivate these truths into solutions that enable sustainable value creation for businesses and their broader ecosystem. ​

The Team

Jonathan Adams is a trusted management consultant  and CEO/Co-Founder of Truvle. For over two decades Jonathan has led engagements for top corporations seeking to transform, digitize and optimize worldwide business processes. With his legal background and mindful business practices insight, he brings a unique perspective. Jonathan's dedication to excellence has earned him prestigious honors, including 40 Under 40 and recognition as one of the Best Lawyers. As a visionary leader, he continues to drive innovation and shape the industry's future. 

Jonathan Adams

Co-founder & CEO

Sam Drauschak is co-founder and chief process scientist at Truvle, whose mission is to help businesses achieve maximum revenue growth through the principles of process science. He is the author of Becoming A Conscious Business, which details the insights he achieved by studying the efficiency in nature and evolution that determines the survival and growth of species. The Truvle method applies these same principles to business systems to maximize efficient flow and energy that results in the elimination of waste to achieve optimal efficiency. 

Sam Drauschak

Co-founder & Chief Process Scientist

Sang is a proficient full-stack developer, with an extensive career in senior software engineering positions. His expertise revolves around meticulous database structuring and ingenious system design catering to both small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). With a notable focus on bolstering efficiency and functionality, Sang's contributions have left an indelible mark on diverse projects. Sang's academic foundation was laid at the University of Maryland, where he earned his Bachelor's degree, solidifying the bedrock of his technical prowess and problem-solving acumen.

Sang-Duk Seo


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