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Features & Benefits

See the True Value

flow chart maker

Focus on process improvement 

Effortlessly navigate complex process mapping with user-friendly software. Free from formatting concerns, users focus on improvement, not on swim lanes or consistency. Drag-and-drop elements, auto-formatting, and standardization ensure coherence. Simplified, consistent, and efficient.

Same language for all!

Truvle’s process mapping software enforces standardized symbols and terminology through its unique and clear mapping language, ensuring that everyone interprets the diagrams consistently.

flowchart maker
business process mapping

It even has opinions

Truvle follows a predefined path, guiding users to design efficient workflows and preventing common mapping mistakes. So, it's opinionated so you may focus on process improvement!

Sometimes, less is more

Our software has a curated set of process-specific shapes simplifying the mapping process, ensuring clarity and consistency in diagrams.

make concept map
swim lane process map

Effortless creations

Truvle’s process mapping software offers an intuitive user interface with a minimal learning curve, making it easy for both beginners and experienced users to create, edit, and share process maps without extensive training.

Real magic

Automatic swim lane formatting organizes processes by roles or departments, enhancing readability and making it easier to identify responsibilities, with just a magic click!


There Is Something for Everyone

True value through clear methods and intuitive software.

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