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Achieve maximum revenue growth through the principles of process science

Speaker, Co-founder, Chief Process Scientist, Conscious Business Advocate, and Author

Sam Drauschak is the author of Becoming A Conscious Business, which details the insights he achieved by studying the efficiency in nature and evolution that determines the survival and growth of species. The Truvle method applies these same principles to business systems to maximize energy flow, eliminate waste, and optimize productivity.

Conversations that Matter

Signature Topics

  • The Science of Unwavering Employer-Employee Loyalty

  • The Process to Happy Customers

  • Unveiling the Science from Chaos to Success

  • The Alchemy of Business Growth

  • The Revolution of Efficiency

  • The Game Changer for Business Quality

  • A Guide to Business Survival

  • Building a Blueprint for Business Change

  • The Transformative Process of Meaningful Impact

What Sets Sam Apart

Sam has been a featured speaker at IIBA and Columbia University, sharing his experience in process consulting. Sam's expertise spans process improvement, cost reduction, operational redesign, and more, working with global firms and Silicon Valley clients.

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Sam Drauschak's Reel
Sam Drauschak's Reel
Samuel Drauschak on Leadership EP 212
Find Your Leadership Confidence w/ Vicki Noethling
Samuel Drauschak on Leadership EP 212
Listen to this new episode where Vicki interviews Samuel Drauschak who shares what Process Science is and why process is everything. He provides a broader view of AI and its significance in today’s world. Ever wonder what the most valuable skills are that you need as a business leader? Sam shares his thoughts on this, and you’ll want to listen in. ------------------------------- In this episode Vicki and her guest Samuel Drauschak discuss topics including process mapping, energy flow, and AI. He says, “Process is Everything” and explains just what me means by energy flow. Listen to hear what advice he gives to aspiring entrepreneurs and what he sees as the differences between scaling, automation, and growth. You will want to listen and learn. ------------------------------- Visit his website to learn more. ------------------------------- Website: LinkedIn: Instagram: ------------------------------- Sam Drauschak is the co-founder and Chief Process Scientist at Truvle, whose mission is to assist businesses in reducing wasteful activity by providing them with innovative tools, software, and expert content. With over a decade of experience in management consulting, Same has worked with companies in financial services, resources, legal services, media, and digital services to simplify and improve their operations using business science fundamentals. He is the author of Becoming a Conscious Business, a book that explores the efficiency of biological systems and how to apply them to modern businesses.
The Principles of Process Science with: Samuel Drauschak
Let's Have This Conversation
The Principles of Process Science with: Samuel Drauschak
Nearly 20 million people were laid off in a matter of weeks as the pandemic took hold, regardless of whether they had strong work ethics, good performance or loyalty to a company. Zip Recruiter reports. Then the economic winds shifted just months later, and companies were suddenly desperate to hire. Firings and layoffs reached historic lows. Existing employees were often worked to the point of burnout, newbies with less experience were brought on at a higher wage and employers overlooked things that could have cost workers their jobs in the past. Productivity is down 4.1% on an annualized basis, the biggest decline since the government started keeping track of the number back in 1948. Since then, U.S. productivity had been on a steady upward slope. Until now. Samuel Drauschak Co-founder and Chief Process Scientist of Truvle. Where there on a mission to help businesses achieve maximum revenue growth through the principles of process science. I also authored Becoming A Conscious Business. “I have been a featured speaker at IIBA and Columbia University, sharing his experience in process consulting. My expertise spans process improvement, cost reduction, operational redesign, and more, working with global firms and Silicon Valley clients.“ “As a leader at Truvle, I help organizations achieve maximum efficiency in business processes and energy flow. I have developed the Truvle Mapping Language (TML), a universal process mapping language adopted as the standard for multiple large enterprises globally. I hold an MBA from the University of Richmond, a B.A. from the University of Virginia, and certifications in Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management, and Project Management.” He joined me this week to tell me more. For more information: Contact: Email: LinkedIn: @SamuelDrauschak
Interview with Sam Drauschak on Automation and Artificial Intelligence
The Great IT Professional
Interview with Sam Drauschak on Automation and Artificial Intelligence
In this podcast, TrueTech Insight interviews Sam Draushack on Automation and Artificial Intelligence. Subscribe Today to the TrueTech Insight podcast and get notified whenever new content drops: Protect your organization from costly project failure with TrueProject: Join CAI’s Global Technology Alliance – it’s the fastest way to expand your capabilities and acquire new clients: Register to attend free webcasts each week with The Great IT Professional at Become a PREMIUM member with The Great IT Professional and get access to unlimited PDUs and 2000+ hours of on demand education: Use coupon code TrueTech for 50% discount! Get the best IT Management articles summarized for you every day for free with Accelerating IT Success: Learn how SafeTransport streamlines school district transportation management, automates reporting, and simplifies bus routing and family communication: About our Podcast Guest: Samuel Drauschak is the founder of Truvle Consulting, a process improvement firm which specializes in helping services-based companies to automate, scale and grow. He has consulted for mid-to-enterprise level companies across a wide range of sectors and verticals.

Becoming a Conscious Business

Becoming A Conscious Business guides readers through personal introspection to a new business paradigm: process science. Author Sam Drauschak's transformative journey merges energy flow and consciousness truths, reshaping life and business through an innovative optimization framework. Blending science and spirituality, Drauschak unveils universal evolution patterns across nature, humans, and business realms. This book redefines concepts like action versus transformation, unlocking efficient processes for life and business. 

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Happy Customers

What they're saying

I worked with Sam and the Cavi team to analyze my data flow processes and database structure in March 2017.

The team was great to work with - they clearly mapped and analyzed all the processes and helped me design a better solution that removed significant time and headache from the way I managing all the data. Not only did they help with my immediate needs, but they also gave me the knowledge I didn't know I needed to better manage my growing business. To this day, I still utilize their framework when it comes to making process and data management related decisions.

Monil Kothari


Sam is an accomplished thought leader. His extensive background in process engineering, management and consulting has added immense value to the organization. Sam can reverse engineer any complex goal and build a clear road map for success. He has provided me unique process improvement insights that I have adopted into my marketing initiatives, and ever since, have been able to help multiple startups take their products to market with ease.

Hassan Khan

(Project Manager)

Working with Sam and Cavi has provided stunning improvements throughout out our operations. This isn't about automation or going digital - this is about completely rethinking how an organization is run. His team found insight and a clear path to improve then held our hands through the entire process. We're in a better place in terms of profitability, revenue, efficiency and morale. I highly recommend working with Sam and the Cavi team!

Sean Taylor


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