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About Us

Empowering Value-adding Action Through Knowledge

Truvle was founded in 2022 by a team of professionals who wanted to help companies of all sizes understand and solve common business issues. We believe that mapping complex processes helps businesses discover the underlying problem and chart a clear path to success. Truvle has developed a holistic tool that empowers companies to efficiently create process maps, driving improved outcomes for their business.

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Truvle was founded by a team of professionals who saw companies, big and small, solve all the wrong problems, in all the wrong ways

Get to Know Our Team



Jonathan is a management consultant and Truvle's CEO and co-founder. Jonathan has been a leader for AmLaw 100 corporate law firms and executive boards

Sam Drauschak is Truvle's co-founder and Chief Process Scientist. Several of the world’s largest corporations consider Sam a trusted advisor and their go-to process expert​

Our Mission

Truvle represents business done consciously, focusing on value-adding activity that is mindful and purposeful. We believe that seemingly complex methods and tools available to manage processes and value creation can be distilled into simple truths and made available for all. Our purpose is to translate and cultivate these truths into solutions that enable sustainable value creation for businesses and their broader ecosystem. ​

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