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business process mapping

Structured Capture & Export

Truvle offers a guided workflow for creating process maps, rooted in years of industry expertise. We provide default settings and layouts that reflect best practices, saving you time and ensuring efficiency. With Truvle, you get clear visuals and inherently efficient process maps, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

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Goodbye decision fatigue


Our guided workflow simplifies the map creation process, making it clearer for users of all levels of expertise.


Our guided approach maintains a consistent look and feel across all your process maps, enhancing clarity and coherence.


Truvle's predefined settings and layouts ensure a quick and efficient mapping process capture, reducing the need for extensive customization.

Reduced Errors

With predefined standards, you're less likely to make formatting or layout errors, ensuring the accuracy of your process maps.

See it in Action

A guided workflow in process mapping software alleviates decision fatigue by offering predefined, expert-recommended settings and layouts. This not only saves time but also ensures consistent, visually clear, and error-reduced process maps, enhancing efficiency.

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