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Auto-Formatting (beta)

Experience the groundbreaking Intelligent Auto-Formatting by Truvle, this beta feature enables effortless swim lane organization that categorizes processes based on roles or departments, elevating clarity and simplifying the recognition of responsibilities.

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Improve processes, reduce formatting

Clarity and Readability

Truvle's swim lane auto-formatting improves workflow visualization for better comprehension and reduces misinterpretation.

Time Savings and Efficiency

Truvle's automated swim lanes streamline process mapping formatting, resulting in time and resource savings.

Error Reduction

Truvle's auto-formatting ensures error-free swim lane layouts, improving process documentation accuracy.


Truvle's auto-formatting process mapping software effortlessly adapts to workflows, whether they are simple or complex, ensuring clarity at every step.

See it in Action

Experience the incredible capabilities of Truvle's Intelligent Auto-Formatting (beta) firsthand. This feature simplifies swim lane organization. We welcome you to witness it in action. Give it a try today and elevate your process efficiency and transparency to a new level.

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