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Why your new years resolution will fail

New year, new you? Not so fast...

In a 2020 study, researchers found that most New Year's resolutions will be abandoned by January 19.

Why? At a glance...


We all want to change in 2022. Are you ready to? Change does not happen at the flip of a switch. At the beginning of each year, most people fall into the trap of loading themselves up with a bunch of new activities with the hopes of achieving some lofty resolution. These people are destined to fail. Gyms activity in the new year is a perfect example. But why? We lack space Changes in personal lives and businesses do not occur in isolation. One change in one relationship or process will have ripple effects that alter areas of the person’s life or business that they thought was entirely “separate”. In today’s productivity obsessed world. There is no shortage of stimulation. From phones to food, there is always something that is easily available for a person to use to fill a void in their day. The world of constant stimulation makes achieving successful change incredibly difficult because people are not taking the space to think.


Creating space People are always trying to cut the “do nothing” time in their lives out. We are swapping this time with screen time and other activities seem to be more productive. What most people really need is more “do nothing” time. Time away from stimulation and activity gives you the ability to interrogate what you are doing. This allows you to focus on doing what you want to do rather than getting stuck in doing what you think you should be doing. How to change Being mindful is critical to a successful change.You can incorporate stillness and mindfulness when changing by following these steps: 1) Create space for yourself Allow for time to sit with yourself and your thoughts. 2) Assess your as is Take time to reflect on where you are today. What are you capable of doing? What do you want to do? 3) Know your plan Define what you want to change and what is going to be achieved through this change. 4) Have compassion for yourself To successfully change, you cannot be ruthlessly self-critical. The key is avoiding comparing yourself to what you are not.



Business Therapy #16- Why resolutions fail...but don't have to We’re just 10 days into 2022, and a lot of new year resolutions are already off the rails. And new year resolutions don’t just implode for individuals. Business resolutions crash and burn, too. In this sense, people and businesses aren’t that different. When businesses (and people) aren’t aware of their current state, how can they effectively change? There is a degree of presence missing. It begins with awareness, and it ends with you setting accurate, effective personal and business resolutions that can move your business forward. Tune in to learn how you can do just that. Take us with you on your morning commute or stroll to your home office:

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