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Truvle Newsletter Issue #6 Stop searching for your purpose

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

How do you feel about your job? Do you feel fulfilled? motivated? Are you excited to start your workday? A PWC study found that more than 50% of respondents were not even somewhat motivated, passionate, or excited about their jobs (HBR). The same study reported 78% of respondents did not feel that their jobs allowed them to fully leverage their strengths (HBR). Why is this the norm? It all starts with your purpose.

At a glance...

  • Your purpose – a journey, not a destination

  • You are unique, embrace it

  • This week’s episode: Finding Your Purpose: Building a Fulfilling Career & Business

Let’s dive in.


If you are searching for your purpose, you will never find it When most people think of finding their purpose, they imagine a day where they achieve their goals and the stars align. This is unrealistic and unattainable. A true sense of purpose is not a destination. It is not something you can find by searching. The idea that purpose is found through deep thought and no action is a trap. Stop thinking If your mind is clouded with questions and thoughts like... “Is this what I should be doing?” “Is this my purpose?” “Should I be doing what they are doing?” “If I just stick it out a few more months, I will be happy” will be missing out on the opportunities that are going on in front of you. One of which, may just be your purpose. You will never find your purpose with a mind cluttered with questions and thoughts. People often find themselves in this state when they are unsatisfied with their job. These people often convince themselves to stick it out for a few months or that they will happy when they get the promotion. Thoughts like these are indications that what you are doing is not your purpose. But if you don’t know what your purpose is... … it is completely okay. Being okay with not knowing is a step in the right direction. This will open space in your mind as you move farther away from searching. Accept that what you want to do right now is your purpose. Stop searching and accept the moment for what it is: your purpose as you are currently living it. You are not your job Finding your purpose is not a job and a job is not your purpose. Attaching yourself and your purpose to a single role at a company is a recipe for disaster, because if you make your job your purpose, your happiness is at the mercy of the company. If this is the case, then is your purpose really yours?

Truvle Challenge Actionable ways for you to put Truvle concepts into practice. With your next decision, follow what feels right to you at that moment. Avoid overanalyzing the decision by following your instinctual reaction. Reflect on how you feel after this ‘gut’ decision. This decision may not have led you to be where you thought you ‘should’ be but you are certainly more aligned with your purpose. learn more about this on this week's Truvle Podcast


You are unique Understanding that you are unique is a great step in becoming more mindful and closer to your purpose. Every person is unique and has their own unique purpose in life. As a result, we all have skills and capabilities that we are specifically great at doing. Understanding what your unique strengths are and leaning into them can help you realize your purpose. How do you know if what you are doing is your purpose? With mindfulness and reflection, answer the following questions to determine whether you are manifesting your purpose:

  • You are uniquely good at this activity

  • You are driven to get really good at this activity

  • You are giving to the world and creating energy

  • Your body feels good when you are doing this activity

  • You are not thinking about where you should be, the past, or the future

Align your purpose with your business and work Aligning your work with your purpose can radically transform your career. If what you are doing aligns with your purpose and the needs of the business, traditional work-related stress and angst will be minimized, enabling you to achieve maximum productivity. All of this requires reflection and space. To stay aligned, you must periodically reflect on how you feel about whatever you happen to be doing at that moment. Harness the purposes of others At their core, businesses are collections of people united by a common mission or purpose. Employees whose personal purposes align with the broader purpose of the organization are more productive, happier, and fulfilled. As business leaders, it is important to keep in mind that all employees, like ourselves, have their own unique purpose. Your job as a manager should be to help your employees maximize their capabilities in alignment with their purpose. Ultimately, this can lead to increased loyalty and productivity. You must also accept that if an employee's purpose is no longer aligned with the organization, it is in both theirs and the organization’s best interest for them to work somewhere else.

Truvle Challenge Actionable ways for you to put Truvle concepts into practice. Start by asking yourself: What are you uniquely good at? What is something that you are excited to become incredibly good at? Once you have decided on something ask: When I do this activity, am I giving to the world? Am I okay with doing this activity if I receive nothing in return? If you have found your purpose, you should be willing to give without return. learn more about this on this week's Truvle Podcast

THE EXIT TICKET the bottom line

  • Searching for your purpose won't get you anywhere. Cluttering your mind with thoughts and questions about your purpose prevents you from manifesting it in your life.

  • Align your work with your purpose. If the two are aligned, you will be able to maximize your productivity and happiness.

  • Everyone around you has their own unique purpose. By helping employees and coworkers maximize their purpose, you can help your business grow and achieve new heights.


Episode 10- Finding Your Purpose: Building a Fulfilling Career & Business

What is YOUR purpose? If you’re not sure, that’s okay. Sam and Jon discuss how you can live in a way that will bring your purpose forward. Finding your purpose allows for growth and fulfillment for you and everybody in your life. And it just so happens to be the greatest career advantage. Take us with you on your morning commute or stroll to your home office:

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