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Episode 25 | Negotiating Better Contracts With Heidi Drauschak

This week we’re joined by Heidi Drauschak to help her determine how to effectively navigate contract negotiations with a client.


There are certain methods entrepreneurs can use here to strengthen their relationship with a client, while freeing up resources for other business.


Do you know how?


Tune in for these tips, and more. This week’s episode is packed with value that you can implement immediately to improve your business, become more efficient, and maintain healthy client relationships as scope increases and projects change.

Episode 24 | Becoming A Better Remote Manager with Caron Sinnenberg

This week we are joined by Caron Sinnenberg, a process manager professional, to discuss the reality of managing virtual teams. Caron comes to us in search of advice and direction on how to effectively keep her team engaged, motivated and oriented towards success in this new shift in the work space.


Two years in we’ve seen some patterns emerge across the business world; Shifts in measuring productivity, managing emotions, Zoom fatigue, team dynamics, and more.


These new realities demand optimization.


Tune in for FREE million-dollar consulting advice and learn how to better adapt your team to our new world.

Episode 23 | Is Taking Funding For Your Start-Up A Good Idea? 

Special guest Heidi Drauschak makes her return to the show! Let’s talk about funding…


Entrepreneurs want it. But do they need it? And if they get funding, how do they avoid turning their business upside-down?


We’re here to give you all the right tools to avoid making these common mistakes with your start-up.


Let’s talk about it.

Episode 22 | Should You Leave Your Job? How To Manage Job Hopping & Career Growth

It’s not the 1950’s anymore.


Working 47 years at the same job used to be honorable. But now it just seems boring, doesn’t it?


There’s a lot to be said about the current prominence of job-hopping. And the millennials are leading the charge.


Growth, increased capabilities, and an overall better work-life balance often awaits those that are explorative in their employment.


Join Sam and Jon for this week’s episode and explore the ins and outs of job hopping, and why you might want to consider it.


Job hopping. Let’s talk about it.

Episode 21 | Madelyn Dunlap: Your Consultant Needs To Leave 

This week we’re joined by Madelyn Dunlap, the Business Development Strategist for The ReWild Group. An organization that helps small & medium sized businesses realize their potential through implementation of a unique philosophy:

“Businesses are ecosystems, not machines.”

Addressing your business’ problem areas from this perspective will help you unlock sustainable and fundamental change.

Episode 20 | How Multitasking The Wrong Way Is Costing You Millions 


It can cost your business millions, or it can fuel your business’s growth.

Effective multitasking has to do with the conscious choice you make about where you place your attention. And the future workforce belongs to those who can multitask effectively.


So, how do you get better at it? There’s an invaluable tool that can help you get there…


Join Sam & Jon in this week’s episode. Let’s talk about it.

Episode 19 | Unplugging: The Benefits Of A Technology Detox

Keeping it simple this week! We’re going to challenge you to a 24-hour digital fast. It will teach how you to create space for yourself, be mindful, and it will help you identify when you’re numbing out (so you’ll know when to check back in).


Mental illness has become increasingly prominent. And cultivating mindfulness through ‘unplugging’ is a great remedy for that. It also helps your relationships, and with productivity.


This is a something that will help your personal and professional growth.

Episode 18 | Heidi Drauschak: Is The U.S Federal Government Too Big To Fail? 

💥Special guest!💥

This week we’re joined by political consultant expert Heidi Drauschak. The Managing Partner at Antrim Grace Solutions, and co-founder of CrowdLobby.

In this episode we discussed:

- how the U.S. government is the biggest business ever

- how the same personal consciousness and mindfulness that is useful in business is useful in government

- the differences and the similarities between business processes and government processes

Episode 17 | Ford Valued Human Life At 265k; Why Being Too Focused On Data Can Backfire | Business Therapy

How much do you trust what’s going on in your business?

How many controls are necessary?

And how much data do you need to get things moving?


In this episode we discussed:

- How to know if your collecting the right data

- The limits of data monitoring

- What happened when Ford valued a human life at $265k

Episode 16 | Why New Year Resolutions Fail...But Don't Have To | Business Therapy

New year, new you? Not so fast. Resolutions are probably not the best way for you to make meaningful changes in your life or business. 

In this episode, we discussed:

- How to change effectively

- The importance of awareness when setting goals

- How space can be key in helping you achieve your goals

Episode 15 | How Netflix Is The Model For A Pivot

Pivoting can make or break a business – just look at Netflix and Blockbuster…


So, how can businesses make sure they end up on the right side of things?

In this episode, we discussed:

- What a pivot really is 

- What separates a successful pivot from a failed pivot

- Why pivoting can save your business and secure its future 

Episode 14 | Should Companies Give Seasonal Bonuses?

It's the season for giving! That means it’s time for the yearly employee bonus. But do they really have an impact on employee productivity?

In this episode, you'll learn...

- How you can boost employee productivity while keeping them happy

- One simple thing you can do to find employee incentives that work for each member of your team

- How to motivate an employee to go above and beyond, even if you have a generous bonus structure that isn’t doing the trick

Episode 13 | Workplace Trust: The Death Of The Micromanager

Trust in the workplace. It's important, but it’s rare.


Micromanagement dominates American corporate culture. It kills productivity, creativity and hinders long-term business growth.

In this episode, you will learn...

- Why micromanaging will kill your business

- How much $$ micromanaging could be costing you

- The value of defaulting to trust

Episode 12 | Standardization: The Prerequisite For Everything

If automation is the future, standardization is the present. Take the time to build a foundation, and then move towards your greater goals.

In this episode, you will learn...

- How ford leveraged standardization to transform manufacturing 

- Why automation hinges on standardization

- How to know when to standardize

Episode 11 | Standardization: The First Step To Automating your Business

Standardization. Uninspiring? Maybe.


A rocket fuel accelerant that will help your business blast through the Exosphere? Certainly, if done correctly.

Standardization is often thought as a hinderance to creativity – something that hurts innovation. That’s not the case, and, when done correctly, standards are the solution to so many of your business’ problems.


Now, how do you implement standardization? Is it less bland than it seems?


Jon and Sam address the ‘uninspiring’ art of standardization. It’s often misunderstood. And it’s awfully effective at helping your business reach its biggest goals, when done correctly…

Episode 10 | Finding Your Purpose: Building a Fulfilling Career & Business

What is YOUR purpose? If you’re not sure, that’s okay.

Sam and Jon discuss how you can live in a way that will bring your purpose forward.


Finding your purpose allows for growth and fulfillment for you and everybody in your life. And it just so happens to be the greatest career advantage.

Episode 9 | How This Practice Can Change Your Career

Is your job at risk? How much do you have to worry?

These are some of the questions you might find yourself asking when there’s a major change announcement in your workplace.


Maybe your company is going to be acquired, or maybe there’s going to be a merger. In any case, there are ways that you can navigate this change effectively.


Sam and Jon discuss a practice you can cultivate that allows you to do just that, and it just so happens to be beneficial in every other aspect of your life too.

Episode 8 | What Is The Market Asking From Your Business?

What is ‘Business Value’?

It's super critical that you understand how to discern it…

If you can’t, there’s a good chance you’re just meandering with your activity… which puts you at risk.


The most successful team members understand how they relate to this definition because they ask the right questions.


In this episode, Jon and Sam define business value. And they reveal the questions you need to ask to determine if you are currently producing it.


A fruitful listen only for those that care if they’re currently adding value to their company, project, or customer.

Episode 7 | Why Transforming Your Business Starts With Understanding Yourself 


This episode is full of golden nuggets. You’ll learn…

-How to add value to any project

-The single thing you can do to come across as strong, engaged, and confident while enabling useful activity at work

-How to act in a way that promotes your ability to lead

-What kind of approach-to-activity is sustainable and most beneficial to YOU in the long run

PLUS, other tips you can use immediately to further your career and look out for the interest of your organization


There’s a single idea at the basis of all of these. We’ll give you a hint… It starts with you.

Episode 6 | Why it is important to focus on your "why?"


Does your business suffer from Solution Monomania? It’s a creeping menace that devastates your financial and resource investment(s) when solving a problem - you need to be able to identify it.

Jon and Sam define Solution Monomania and equip you with magic-bullet solutions that you can implement right now to eliminate it and prevent it from developing again.


They also discuss a consulting philosophy that will allow you to continue to produce value and increase your business’ capacity for useful work at the same time…

Episode 4 | Making Key Decisions


Operations and projects are the two fundamental process types within an organization… And they’re two entirely different things.

Do you understand the differences?


Once you do, you’ll gain the ability to effectively make decisions and accomplish the goals of the organization.


In this episode, Sam and Jon define these differences and equip you with the knowledge you need to start being more effective. You’ll begin to be able to view business in a consistent way.

Episode 5 | How the Right Translator Can Save Your Business Time and Money


You can’t avoid it. There’s no such thing as a project where the business analysis function isn’t needed in some capacity. How much energy in your business is getting lost in translation? Here’s what you can do about it, and we aren’t talking about the BRD.

Episode 3 | The Transition State

As-is 👉 to-be.

The NEW secret of a successful transition.

Sam introduces a revolutionary perspective that enables your organization to achieve it’s desired to-be state(s).

Jon and Sam then elaborate on the major barrier that currently prevents organizations from evolving.

Listen to discover how you can make sure the mathematics of transition work out in your favor.

Episode 2 | Organizational Maturity


In episode 2, Jon and Sam discuss operational maturity.


Immature organizations tend to make a few critical errors in their approach to solving problems. Mature organizations approach obstacles differently and are more successful as a result. Sam and Jon discuss the differences between the two – and include little pointers to make sure you’re on the right track.

Episode 1 | The Science of Efficiency


Once you do, you’ll gain the ability to effectively make decisions and accomplish the goals of the organization.


In this episode, Sam and Jon define these differences and equip you with the knowledge you need to start being more effective.You’ll begin to be able to view business in a consistent way.