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AI Formatting

Experience the groundbreaking AI formatting by Truvle, enabling effortless swim lane organization that categorizes processes based on roles or departments, elevating clarity and simplifying the recognition of responsibilities.

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Improve processes, reduce formatting

Clarity and Readability

Truvle's swim lane auto-formatting improves workflow visualization for better comprehension and reduces misinterpretation.

Time Savings and Efficiency

Truvle's automatic swim lane formatting simplifies process mapping, saving time and resources due to its automatic nature.

Error Reduction

Truvle's auto-formatting ensures error-free swim lane layouts, improving process documentation accuracy.


Truvle's auto-formatting process mapping software scales seamlessly for both simple and complex workflows, maintaining clarity throughout.

See it in Action

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Witness the remarkable power of Truvle's AI-driven formatting in action. Our cutting-edge technology makes swim lane organization a breeze. We invite you to see it in action for yourself. Try it now and experience a new level of process efficiency and transparency.

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